Jan. 5th, 2009

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BBC NEWS | Health | Cancer cells 'cheat suicide call'

A recent study by the Chinese University of Hong Kong discovered that cancer cells are able to recover from conditions that normally trigger apoptosis (cell suicide) in normal cells. They only fail to recover when the conditions are so severe that the cell nucleus has been significantly damaged. They believe that this may explain why cancer cells can survive chemotherapy treatment.
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BBC NEWS | Science & Environment | Getting into space by broomstick

Age-Raymond Riise demonstrated a potentially cheaper approach to getting things into space using a space elevator using nothing more than a broomstick and some brushes. The approach, which you can see on a video at the link, involves three brushes, bristles pointed down, arranged around the base of the broom stick. vibrating the broomstick causes the brushes to climb to the broomstick because it takes slightly less force for the brushes to go up than down. Of course, you still need a space elevator.....
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BBC NEWS | Science & Environment | Holes give edge to new MoD armour

University of Cambridge researchers have developed a better armour by cutting holes in traditional armour. According to the designer, one shouldn't think of the perforations as holes but as edges. It turns out that the holes are better able to deflect projectiles, resulting in double the ballistic performance while cutting weight in half.

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The Evolution of Technology

A German ad for Saturn. If the video doesn't work (and I can never get these things to work), then just visit the link.
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TheStar.com | Business | Is small the future of nuclear power generation?

Hyperion Power Generation Inc. is proposing to sell one or more of its 15-tonne, 2 metre tall nuclear reactors to the oilsands developers on Alberta to generate electricity and steam for the oil-extraction process. The 25-megawatt reactors would allow them to reduce their use of natural gas, ultimately reducing their carbon footprint. The reactor would be buried 3 metres underground for its 10-year lifespan.
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ABC News: Sexiest Geeks of 2008, as Voted by Wired.com Readers

Apparently the winner is Philip DeFranco (who?) and runner up is Marina Orlova (again, who?). Mythbuster Kari Byron, comedian Tina Fey and Stephen Colbert also made the top ten of the more than 400 nominees.
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Star Trek: Long-Suppressed Gay Star Trek Episode Comes Out

Gene Roddenberry had approved a script for the original series involving Kirk's gay nephew, Peter Kirk; however, studio executives balked, claiming that they would lose advertising revenue if they let it air.  The episode, "Blood and Fire", was recently dusted off and produced as a webisode that will be released in two parts. Part I is now online can can be viewed at the Star Trek: Phase II website.

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