Mar. 8th, 2007

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Source: Coolest Gadgets
Roboglove contains a metal detector that vibrates when brought close to things like guns and knives during a pat-down. How's that for getting frisky with a vibrator.

Source: Sci Fi Tech
The C-Quester comes in one-and two-person styles, and are capable to diving to more than 50 metres. Don't expect the spend long down below; they have a dive time of about 2.5 hours.

Source: SciFi Tech
Heliodisplay is the next best thing to the Star Wars-type holographic display, but only displays in 2D; albeit, projecting the image into the air above the screen. Follow the link for a video of the $18,400 device. Apparently it can detect hand movements in the area where the image is being projected so is suitable for interactive systems.

Source: Sci Fi Tech
Yes, this is a real boat, not a land speeder. The 215-hp motors are in the front to pull the cabin along, much like the Star Wars pod racer.

Source: Sci Fi Tech
Add this to the list of odd inventions. The saucer-shaped thingie (a technical term, trust me) can be use to track down RFID-tagged staples, which apparently is enough of a problem to warrant building this device.
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Source: EurekAlert
A study performed by the University of California has determined that repeated exposure to hot water from Jacuzzis and hot-tubs could lead to male infertility. Wet heat, apparently, reduces sperm production and motility. The cure? In nearly half the cases, all that was required was to stop "cooking your boys"; unless you're a smoker, in which case avoiding hot tubs may not be enough to get things back in working order.

Source: Coolest Gadgets
For those who like fire, these candles burn with different colour flames. Could make for some freaky effects.

Source: MedGadget
This little device is apparently placed somewhere in your body via incision, then guided to the appropriate spot using a magnetic field. When in position, the tiny arms can cut a small biopsy, or return images using a miniature camera.

Source: Improbable Research
Sometimes its the little things that cause big problems. Consider what happened when the main spectrometer used in a Russian neutrino experiment was ready to be shipped to the test site after sucessfully completing a set of leakage tests. The tank, in Deggendorf, had to be shipped 400-km to the test sight in Karlsruhe; however the tank was too wide for the roads and the canal linking the cities. The eventual route that they had to follow to get the tank to the test facility can be seen as a red line on the map, a distance of more than 9000 km. Details of this "little" oversight can be found at

Source: National Geographic
An Australian company is offering a tongue-in-cheek way to offset your, um, "personal" greenhouse gas emissions. A $16(US) donation to the company Easy Being Green covers your expected level of flatulence for the year. You can also purchase "credits" for the noxious gases released by your dog and cat. The company uses the money to install energy saving light bulbs and shower heads with the goal of reducing the total energy consumption of New South Wales in Australia.

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