Dec. 6th, 2009

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BBC News - The arguments made by climate change sceptics

This article tabulates the main arguments put forward by climate-change sceptics and the counter-arguments presented by scientists.
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Amino Acid Recipe Could Be Right For Long Life - Science News

A new study into the effects of calorie restriction on the lifespan of fruit flies hints that the key may be the properly balancing nutritional requirements. Lo-cal diets have been shown to reduce fertility because the body response to a shortage of food by directing energy away from reproduction. The study found that increasing the consumption of methionine restored reproductive function. Other scientists are quick to counter that, while interesting, it is not clear how much of this can be carried over into mammalian models, and that maintaining such an amino acid balance may be effectively impossible in mammals.
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Gropenhagen Conference: Prostitutes Offer Free Climate Summit Sex - SPIEGEL ONLINE - News - International

As a side note to the Climate Conference, the mayor of Copenhagen has sent postcards to 160 hotels in the city urging guests and delegates to "Be sustainable - don't buy sex". In response, area prostitutes in the form of the Sex Workers Interest Group (SIO) are offering free sex to anyone producing one of the offending postcards and a COP15  identity card.
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Chink Found In Armor Of Perfect Cloak - Science News

Even though a working invisibility cloak has never been made, scientists are theorizing how to beat one, should it become possible to produce. They theorize that showering an area with charged particles, like electrons, would reveal the presence of "something", even they can't tell what, exactly, it is. In essence, it would be away to detect the existence and location of a cloaked entity.
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BBC News - Scientists hail robotic hand 'breakthrough'

For one month, Italian scientists demonstrated that a person could control a robotic hand using only neural signals from the nerves in his arm, and was able to perform complex tasks. He was also able to detect sensations in his hand because the link was designed to be two-way. Visit the link to see a video of him controlling the hand.

Also: Crave | Man controls cybernetic hand with thoughts

Edit: Finally found an embeddable link to the video.
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Paper screens could provide depth to computer display - tech - 03 December 2009 - New Scientist

The paper has targets that are reflective in the infrared, allowing the position and orientation of the paper to be tracked to within 1 cm. The positional data of the paper is then used to change the image being projected onto the paper, giving it the illusion of allowing you to see slices of a 3D space.

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