Apr. 2nd, 2009

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Cultivated ear cells may lead to cure for deafness - health - 02 April 2009 - New Scientist

British scientists were able to create human auditory hair cells and neurons, two components that would be required to treat deafness. The scientists used fetal stems cells, then experimented until they discovered a cocktail that generated auditory hair cells that bend in response to sound waves. They then discovered another cocktail that allowed them to grow the auditory neurons that transmit the signals detected by the auditory hairs to the brain. This discovery means that they can test various methods for regenerating or repairing these celss, and hopefully develop new methods for treating deafness without resorting to cochlear implants. They are now looking for adult stem cells that can be coaxed into creating auditory hairs and neurons so that they can avoid using fetal stem cells.

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globeandmail.com: Researcher who received Canadian vaccine healthy after accident

Last month, a German researcher was accidentally exposed to the Ebola virus when a needle she was using to inject mice pierced three layers of protective gloves. Within 48 hours she was treated with a Canadian-made experimental vaccine for the Ebola virus, and 21 days later she was found to be symptom-free. It is not clear, nor may it ever be clear, whether the vaccine worked or whether she was simply not infected in the first place.
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globeandmail.com: Quebec signs historic power deal

Newfoundland and Labrador have signed a five-year deal with Québec in which NL leases Québec's lines for $20-million/year to transport approximately 130 kilowatts megawatts from Upper Churchill to a brokerage firm in the US. Previously, NL had to sell power to Québec who then resold the power to the US for a substantial profit.

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