Mar. 4th, 2009

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Going Gray? Blame Catalase: Discovery News

According to the article, we go grey because the our levels of catalase, which breaks down the hydrogen peroxide produced by our bodies, goes down, allowing hydrogen peroxide levels to build in our hair. The researchers are hoping to parlay this knowledge into ways to delay the period at which people go grey.
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Like Father, Like Daughter: Scientific American Podcast

Women born in the 1970s were 3 times more likely to follow their father's career path. The rest of the podcast can e found at the link.
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BBC NEWS | Health | Bionic eye gives blind man sight

A 73-year-old British man who had lost his sight 30 years ago is no able to see well enough to sort socks, thanks to a recently-implanted bionic eye. The system consists of a camera mounted in a pair of sunglasses that then transmits the information to an electrode array mounted on his retina.
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Efficient lighting equals higher heat bills: study

A recent study seems to indicate that the energy savings from using CFL bulbs may be offset by an increase in heating. Incandescent bulbs, though less efficient with regard to generating light, also generate heat. Switching to CLF bulbs means that heat source is no longer available so people turn up the furnace. In some cases, the increase in heating costs can exceed the energy saved by using CLF bulbs, particularly in parts of Canada.

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