Feb. 15th, 2009

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Ideals can wreak havoc on female friendships

A collaborative project between Canadian and US universities reports that "...female same-sex friendships are significantly less tolerant, more volatile, and likelier to degrade based on a single negative incident than male same-sex friendships...", which contrary to traditional views that women are more socially cooperative than men. According to one of the study's authors, "...The standards are very high for women... They're on thin ice all the time." That said, the auhors stress that women excel in developing deeper relationships than men.
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Authors Guild irked by text-to-speech on Kindle 2 - USATODAY.com

The Authors Guild in the US is urging authors and publishers to request that Amazon disable the text-to-speech function of Kindle 2, stating that it could undermine the market for audio books.

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globeandmail.com: Facebook is ... breeding spying, jealous lovers

Two University of Guelph graduate students have conducted a survey of 308 Facebooks users, leading them to conclude that the more time they spent on Facebook, the more suspicious they became of their partners. The effect seemed to be stronger in women than in men. The propose that all four previously-identified triggers of jealousy are present on Facebook.
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Slashdot | IBM Files Patent For Bullet-Dodging Bionic Armor

IBM has filed a US patent for armour designed to administer tiny shocks to the appropriate muscles of the wearer to get them to move out of the way of an incoming bullet. This would only work for long-distance shots, such as those made by a sniper.
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U.S. Court Finds No Link Between Vaccines, Autism - washingtonpost.com

A US federal court has ruled that there is no evidence for a link between vaccines and autism so families of autistic children are not entitled to financial compensation from vaccine manufacturers.
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MIT Team Creates Shock That Recharges Your Car

As the title says. The shock they developed draws energy from bumps in the road that are used to recharge the battery. Experiments showed that a 6-shock heavy truck could generate an average of 1 kW on a standard road.
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Twisted radio beams could untangle the airwaves - tech - 13 February 2009 - New Scientist

Swedish physicists propose that more information could be packed into a radio signal by encoding extra data in the twist of the wave, which is independent of the amplitude and frequency. The approach would require at least a tripole antennas so cellphones, that use dipole antennas, would not benefit. Instead, the technology could be used to communicate between cellphone towers.

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