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A look at Larry O'Brien's troubles

For those interested in Ottawa politics, a chronology of how charges came to be laid against Mayor Larry O'Brien.
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Sickened puppies ate Ontario teen's marijuana stash

The moral: actions have consequences. Case in point, an 18-year-old boy decides to get rid of some marijuana-laced muffins he had left over from several house parties he'd had while his parents were away on vacation. For some reason, he decided that the local park was a good place to leave them. Enter 4 dogs who ate the discarded muffins and became sick, leading to a police investigation of suspected anti-freeze-laced muffins. The boy was caught and explained what had happened, the dogs eventually recovered, and the teen has agreed to personally apologize for his actions rather than face criminal charges.
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Wind turbines causing health problems, some Ont. residents say

Some Ontario residents are claiming that noise generated by wind turbines are causing a variety of health issues including dizziness, sleep disturbances, queasiness, weight changes, and increased blood pressure. The Canadian Wind Energy Association counters that there are no peer-reviewed studies indicating the presence (or absence) of a problem, but concedes that the technology is new so there are a lot of things we don't know yet.
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Transformer blaze cuts power to homes - Timmins Daily Press - Ontario, CA

Apparently the transformer fire that knocked out power to section of the city doesn't rate more than a short article in a community newspaper. It never showed up on the headlines of the Ottawa Citizen.

Edit: Photos uploaded

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Union vote for arbitration ends Ottawa transit strike

And with that, the strike is officially over. If you bought a bus pass for December, they will honour it through February. Also, all train and bus service will be free until the 15th of this month, and on weekends the entire month of February.
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Nortel to cut hundreds of jobs with WiMax unit

Several hundred jobs, mostly in Ottawa, are expected to be cut. Because Nortel is currently under bankruptcy protection, those employees who are let go will receive no severance pay or benefits.

Edit: After speaking with someone who has friends at Nortel, it turns out the "no severance package" is technically not correct, but is practically accurate. Employees let go now are offered the same monetary package as those let go before bankruptcy protection, but the employee has to get in line behind the secured creditors who get to pick over the bones first before they can see any money. Whatever is left of the company's liquidated assets is split among the unsecured creditors, such as those with the severance package, only after the secured creditors have been paid off. As a result, they MIGHT receive a PORTION of the severance package, but not for a year or more. They're only hope is that the company becomes profitable again (so that they can call in the package), or that there are sufficient assets remaining to cover their package (Nortel's current debt is $1 billion, but has $4 billion in assets).

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reportonbusiness.com: Will Nortel still have the money to go to school?

Nortel, which provides more research funding than any other private company in Canada, plans to continue to provide funding to students. There is, however, a major question of what happens if Nortel is sold.
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Drug-raided homes visibly labelled by eastern Ont. police

Police in Cornwall, ON are now posting signs outside of houses that they are currently raiding under suspicion of illegal substances. The Ontario privacy commissioner is currently investigating the practice.

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