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Source: instructables
Follow the link to find out how to make a human-powered hydrofoil. For the uninitiated, a hydrofoil is a craft that "flies" over water. Stretching the definition, this one is propelled by flapping a set of wings. As long as you keep flapping, you stay afloat and move in the direction you are steering. Stopping, it's not so good for you. The video is long and explains how to make such a craft.

Source: C|Net
Intel has just unveiled an 80-core processor, capable of 1-teraflop (1 trillion floating-point operations per second). Now, they just need to figure out how perform massively-paralleled programming before it can be of more than academic use. Thanks to [livejournal.com profile] ancalagon_tb for catching this story as it broke.

Source: New York Times
ThinkFree provides a free Word-compatible online word processor, Excel-compatible spreadsheet, and a Presentations-compatible presentation package. Those who have tried Google's Word processor and spreadsheet might be interested in giving it a go to see how it compares. The software can be found at http://www.thinkfree.com/ for those who are interested. So far, I've been unsuccessful in attempting to create an account so I have no idea how well this system works.

Source: Washington Post
Apparently, one of the downfalls of providing free wireless is the inability to track who is using it, and for what reason. In this article, a police descends on what they thought was the source of child pornography, only to discover an elderly woman whose wireless router was being used by one of her neighbours to distribute child pornography. Unable to determine which neighbour it was, they could proceed no farther. An increasing number of criminals are making use of the anonymity of free wireless to perpetrate crimes that cannot be traced to the source.

Source: BBC News
Scientists are developing ways to use fMRI to read people's intentions, opening the door to a new form of computer control. This is of particular interest to paraplegics who might be able to use this technology to attain greater autonomy. Significant work is still required before this will find real-world application.
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