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CBC News - Ottawa - Canada's airlines fear violating privacy under new U.S. rules

Canadian airline companies are in a bind regarding passengers in flights that pass through US airspace, even if the plane never lands on US soil. The US Secure Flight program requires that they provide the name, gender, and birth date of all passengers so that they can be vetted against a security watch lists; however, doing so violates Canada's Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act. The US has agreed to drop the requirement to disclose passenger information if an equivalent system were created in Canada. The airline companies favour this approach but don't want to have to pay for it.
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Stop suing tech investors over copyright! | ZDNet Government | ZDNet.com

The RIAA has apparently begun suing investors in technology companies that they believe contribute to or induce copyright infringement.
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Bristol Palin: Abstinence for all teens 'not realistic' - CNN.com

The daughter of Alaska Governor Sarah Palin goes on record in an interview as believing that telling teens to be abstinent is not realistic. She hopes that this interview will encourage other teens to think twice about putting themselves in the situation that risks their getting pregnant.

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Technology’s Fingerprints on the Stimulus Bill - NYTimes.com

The New York Times provides a review of Obama's proposed $800 billion stimulus package. In particular, they call attention to $7 billion being proposed for expanding high-speed internet into rural areas, $20 billion for the development of a smart power grid that would automatically load-balance (a must for broad implementation of aperiodic energy sources like wind and solar), and $20 billion to develop a digital health records system that could, if designed properly, reduce health care costs. It's far harder, however, to get support for a finanacial package that largely goes to tax cuts and infrastructure development than it was to pump money into banks and businesses.
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White House Wants Space Weapons Ban | AVIATION WEEK

US President Obama is calling for an international ban on anti-satellite weapons. If implemented this would represent a significant shift in thinking from the previous Bush administration.

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