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I completed my thesis defence, which went well (it was rather fun, in fact). My work was accepted with only minor revisions so I should have everything ready to go by the end of next week. After that, I just wait for them to send my degree (I'll be in Seattle, presenting at a conference, when the graduation ceremony is taking place). The chair of the thesis committee said that I can now start using the title Doctor, given all the most difficult parts of the degree have been completed.

Tech posts will recommence shortly.
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I have been accepted to the American Control Conference in Seattle, WA, which rounds out a very full spring of travel and presentations. It's considered a tough conference to get into (I've been there once before to present my Master's work), and each full paper is reviewed by three people in a related field. The comments were pretty good, so I should be able to fine-tune the submitted paper to address the problems they noted.

I will be sick of travel by the end of June.
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It is now confirmed, I'm going to Victoria in May to present at the Instrumentation and Measurement conference. The reviews came back with high marks in all categories.
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Busily working on last-minute editing changes so that the thesis can go out to the committee (now selected and confirmed) next week.

Tech posts will return after Real Life(tm) has been appeased, probably on Friday.

Meanwhile, comments on the format I have been using and requests for things you would, in particular, like to see can be posted here.

Also: I will be in San Jose at a conference from 27 January  to 1 February so posts will be sporadic and depend upon whether or not I have Internet access during that time period.
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After my meeting on Tuesday my three core chapters are now in the review process. I expect the bulk of changes will be in Chapter 4 because Chapter 2 and 3 have already been extensively edited (Chapter 2 was submitted as a journal paper so is essentially finished, Chapter 3 expands on stuff already submitted to three conferences). I'm now in the process of writing the Introduction and Conclusion, and have editing changes to implement in the Abstract.

Tentatively, we have a schedule toward graduation:
- January 18: have final copies of thesis ready for the committee
- late February: defend thesis
- March: thesis editing, submit final copies, apply to graduate
- June: Graduation ceremony (I'll consider attending, just for the sense of closure)
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Brain does not want to do more thesis writing.

Chapters 2 and 3 are finished, as are all Appendices. Chapter 4 is written except for the conclusion. If I can get that finish today I can have it out the door for review in time for my Tuesday meeting with my supervisor.

Still to do:
- finish editing the journal paper (at this point, I might as well just rewrite it)
- thesis introduction
- thesis conclusion

All this assumes my supervisor is ok with what I have done and I don't need to do any more experiments. If so, then next task is to get edit these chapters, bookend them with the intro and conclusion, then get it out to the thesis committee.
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- finished Chapter 3, draft 2. It is now being reviewed
- finished the second draft of the paper for the conference in Vancouver. If neither of the other co-authors find a problem by Friday it gets submitted.
- Mostly finished one section of Chapter 4. There will be four sections in total in this chapter. My target is to have draft #1 of the chapter completed before the end of the month, with most completed by the end of next week.


Oct. 24th, 2007 07:32 am
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There will be few, if any, tech posts this week because I am deep into thesis writing. My goal is to have chapter 3's second draft completed this week (I should be able to finish it by tomorrow, having finished all the graphs that go into it), and then Chapter 4 by the middle of November (2 week time frame). The complication is hat I also have one conference paper to write, another to edit, and a journal paper to edit within that time frame.

In other news, my survey paper was rejected, although the response I received was that the paper was quite good, but not well suited to that particular journal. With the comments by the three reviewers in hand I can make a few changes before submitting it to another journal.
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12-14 October - Robotics conference in Ottawa (accepted)
28-31 January - San Jose, CA (accepted)
12-15 May - Victoria, BC (paper to be submitted next week)
11-13 June - Seattle, WA (paper submitted)

Tentative thesis dates
mid-November - complete draft of Chapters 2, 3 and 4 (Chapter 2 has been edited and requires only minor changes, Chapter 3 currently in review, Chapter 4 writing starts on October 16th)
end-December - drafts of all chapters completed
end-January - Dissertation sent to reviewers
mid-March - Thesis defense

Let's see how close this ends up matching reality.
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- Chapters 2 and 3 are now out for internal review. Current page count is 170 including 9 Appendices. Looks like the final document will be, at least, twice that length.
- Journal paper #2 is back from internal review #1. I should be able to complete the editing this week and get it out for internal review #2.
- I have another conference paper due Sept 15th, but have been effectively told to take 4 days vacation*, so I will be out-of-the-office between 31-Aug and 10-Sep. As a result, the paper will need to be written and out for internal review before I leave.
- Next week: I will be at 3DIM in Montreal so I will be offline between 20 and 23 August.
- Chapter 4 of the thesis** will be started this week or immediately after I return from the conference. This is the last large chapter and once it is done the thesis is, effectively, 90% complete.

Speaking of conferences, here is my North American tour tentative schedule:
20-23 August: Montreal, PQ (3DIM 2007)
12-14 October: Ottawa, ON (RObotics and Sensors Environments 2007)
26-31 January: San Jose, CA (Electronic Imaging 2008)
12-15 May: Victoria, BC (I2MTC 2008)
11-12 June: Seattle, WA (American Control Conference 2008)

[* my status at NRC renewed for 4-month terms. At each transition they try to give me a week's vacation, which I have, until now, generally responded with "No thanks" and had the terms follow back-to-back. This time I was not quick enough off the draw and I'm stuck with the vacation. Oh well, I have plenty of projects to keep me busy]

[** the thesis will have 5 chapters. The intro and conclusion are the shortest sections and will be written once Chapters 2, 3 and 4 have gone through one or more internal review passes.]
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Most of a conference paper written. I discovered this morning that it is due the day I get back from Toronto so it absolutely must be ready for internal review by tomorrow so that it gets back in time for me to edit and submit it by Wednesday.

Also debugged the LaTeX example file helpfully supplied by the conference chair (who also happens to be on my defence committee). Seems I'm one of the few still requesting LaTeX style files for these things. After significant writing and cutting, it appears the paper will be within the 6-page deadline, although it means some applicable portions of my research will not appear in the paper. Oh well, what's there is significant and the rest can be put in the next paper (which is due on the 15th of September).
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Second journal paper now out for internal review. On to the conference paper....
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- The survey paper has now been submitted to the journal.
- Two conference papers have been submitted to a conference in California end of January

Still to do:
- Completion of the survey paper also means Chapter 2 of the Dissertation will be completed on Tuesday
- the next journal paper should (hopefully) be completed this week and handed on for internal review
- A third journal paper will be started next week
- A conference paper will also be started next week with a deadline of 4 August (extended abstract)

[Edit] Chapter 2 of Dissertation completed


Jun. 26th, 2007 04:40 pm
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Survey paper has completed the Carleton review and is now being reviewed by NRC. I expect few changes and the turn-around time should be short. Ideally, this things should be ready to go out to the journal by the first week of July. This also constitutes Chapter 2 of the thesis

The second journal paper is nearing completion (perhaps another week), then goes to NRC and Carleton for independent reviews. With luck, I should be able to get that out by the start of August. A bit of tweaking and that paper becomes Chapter 3 of the thesis.

That leaves Chapters 1 (Introduction), 4 and 5 (Conclusion) to finish.
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I've been digging into Thesis all week, implementing the many ideas and potential solutions that emerged from my "toaster". This is the first day I've even briefly looked at anything other than email or Matlab. Thanks to all the people sending me tech post ideas; they are queued and I'll get back to posting them next week when I try to finish editing four papers to finally get them off my desk and back into the review process.

Hopefully there will be only one more data collection set to generate test data (maybe next week if things go well today) before I make final tweaks and start running "live" tests. Going live means, in this case, collecting data that will be used in the final dissertation as validation of the method. At that point, I will be writing the document up in preparation for an early fall defense, the exact date depending on when the dissertation gets through the editing process. There is a light at the end of the tunnel and it looks more like sunshine than the headlamp of a locomotive.

You may now return to your regularly scheduled life, already in progress, unless any of you have passed on while reading this.
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As some of you may have noticed, there have been no tech posts since Thursday. So, time for an update on what has been keeping me busy:

- One journal paper finally back. A week or so of editing (adding a few simulations and such) should get it to the point of being publishable as a survey paper. The rule of thumb is that two journal papers equal one PhD (in my department), so getting that accepted somewhere is a good chunk of the way to completing my research

- Two more papers currently in review, probably for short papers in a couple of journals.

- One conference paper almost (as of today) completed. First pass editing done and two more co-authors have yet to have a look at it. The conference deadline is soon, so I'm hoping to have the paper into the submission process by week's end. Interestingly enough, as of today, they conference paper is already out of date because I've since improved the method(but have not tested the improvements in the lab)

- On the queue: a second conference paper (data has been collected) which will be written over the next two days. No conference for that one yet, but it will be ready for the next one that comes up.

- I've been bouncing in and out of the lab over the past few weeks, collecting gigabytes of image data to process. So far, the bugs have been worked out of the first part of the method, and the limitations have been identified theoretically and experimentally. Today's work finished the method and one more data collection set should wrap it up sufficiently for me to move on to the next stage.

- In my most recent meeting with my supervisor, we established that if the methods I'm developing can be verified experimentally rather than in simulation, then the simulator can be dropped from the thesis. Looks like I'm back on track to finishing in the summer, if the current rate of development continues.


Jan. 22nd, 2007 12:47 pm
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Completed a presentation at the start of this month, and just got the first revisions of my survey paper out the door last week. Three more papers to go to finish this phase, and all the methods have been implemented in a simulator package. Paper #2 is 95% complete, but I want to make some adjustments before handing it off for internal review. Paper #3 is about 50% complete, and Paper #4 is based heavily on my presentation and can reuse large chunks of Paper $1 so should come together pretty quickly. The goal was to have everything done (at least in draft form) by the end of January, then start Phase II with another paper (since much of the work was already done while doing Phase I.

Meanwhile, I've stockpiled about half-a-dozen tech posts that will go up periodically this week.

Today: working at home on a project and making a meat pie during regular breaks.


Dec. 18th, 2006 01:10 pm
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Finally finished the bulk of my second journal paper. Once I add the introduction and conclusion it can be handed off for editing. Next I have to make changes to the now-edited survey paper, as well as prepare an internal presentation for VIT. Then, I can finally work on paper #3 (mostly done) and paper #4 (partly done, needs a bit more work). Those should take about a week each to finish up. That should be sufficient for Phase I, which I can then pull together into Chapter 2 of my final thesis.
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Time for another update.

Research is proceeding slowly but surely. Paper #1 first draft is complete and has been reviewed so next week I will take the comments and revise the paper before putting it back into review. Meanwhile, paper #2 is about 50% done, now that, in the process of writig it, I came up with yet another metric that has not yet been used by other researchers*, something called specificity. Means nothing to y'all, but I will, at least, find it really useful. Paper #2 will be reviewed while Paper #1 is edited, then we switch.

After Christmas break I present my research to the group to assage the constant questions of "what has he been doing here all this time" (meaning my holing up in my protected inner office). Should be fun. Really. I rather enjoy giving presentations. Then I get a conference paper put together covering what I've done to that point for the Robot Vision conference in Montreal in late May.

Meanwhile, the Christmas lunch the social committee put together for the Institute turned out extremely well. Praise is being handed down to us from various group leaders with questions of "so, what'cha got for us next?". Back to planning, but that is for the New Year. Meanwhile, I'm trying to write while practically falling asleep after a good, big lunch. With wine. Did I mention it was a good meal?

For those who don't know, Phase I of my PhD dissertation involves designing a suite of metrics to measure the quality of... measurements. Seems redundant to quantify the quality of measurements, but this is a important component of my research.


Sep. 12th, 2006 04:21 pm
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As of Friday I had submitted my thesis draft. I now await word of when the defence will take place, probably end of September. Meanwhile, I am alternating between studying for said defence (I want to have all the formulas on hand mentally, and need a refresher of the details of some previous attempts to do what I'm doing). I'm also working on how to fast-track results of my research by breaking it into "least publishable units". This means getting easy, preliminary results out the door ASAP with more advanced methods being implemented later as "improvements" on the methods. Since I'm mostly breaking new ground with this stuff anyway, this approach doesn't present a problem. The goals are:
- presentation for defence end of September with early results
- presentation to NRC in mid to late October with more advanced results
- complete simulations collecting data by mid-to end- November
- presentation to NRC in early to mid-February with advanced results
- thesis ready to defend by early March
- complete all degree requirements by April 1

This means working long hours for the winter and tying up multiple computers (one at NRC and two at Carleton), but means that I get done before the end of Winter semester, after which I can return to some sort of 9-to-5 routine.

In other news, today I called to have the landline cancelled, so as of the 20th, our home phone number will no longer work. We will still be getting Internet from Bell (the DSL works fine, despite the noisy phone line. )

[Edit: By thesis draft I meant thesis proposal.]

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