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Ottawa River HDR
by *D-K-MK on deviantART

Merge of three exposures (2/0/-2 EV) using Picturenaut, followed by post-processing in GIMP.
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I'm finally getting around to putting these up here, although they've been sitting on deviantArt and Fotki for about a month.

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Strobist: How to Photograph Christmas Lights

It being that time of year, the Strobist presents an article on how to shoot Christmas lights. Here's the summary:

1) Shoot in the twilight between sunset and darkness. Shooting in full darkness means the lights are overblown or the background is under-exposed.
2) Use a tungsten white balance because Christmas lights are generally tungsten balanced.
3) Use a tripod because your exposure times for ISO 100 will be between one-quarter and one second.
4) Decide in advance what you want to shoot, then take test shots every minute or so until full darkness. The window of time is only ten minutes so it is easy to miss it.
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Is now up, but is a work in progress. I still have to add things like a biography, id, etc.


Edit: Appears to be password-locked and I haven't seen a way to make it publicly accessible. It is possible that it was originally designed that way, but more work is needed to find this out.

Edit 2: Fixed, I just had to remove the password.

Very cool!

Jul. 10th, 2009 07:24 am
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don't turn around
by =otsego-amigo on deviantART

I have to find out how he did this, a fully interactive panorama. Using your mouse you can move around the spot on which you are standing to see the entire room.  The GIF image may not be viewable here so you"ll have to visit dA to enjoy it in full.

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