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Ottawa River HDR
by *D-K-MK on deviantART

Merge of three exposures (2/0/-2 EV) using Picturenaut, followed by post-processing in GIMP.
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City of Ottawa - City of Ottawa's Approved Sledding Hills

For those looking to do some sledding in Ottawa, the link is a list of hills that are now open for use, as well as a description of the hill.
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Taste of Winterlude - National Capital Commission ::

Some of the upcoming food-related events to be featured at Winterlude in Ottawa. All the events listed here are $100+ per person, and more events are available on the web site.

ByWard Market Walkabout Winter Feast - With a sommelier as your guide, savour a five-course, wine-paired meal at five of the ByWard Market’s top restaurants. Your evening begins with a reception, and continues as your group strolls from restaurant to restaurant to delight in each food and wine pairing. Bundle up, wear comfortable footwear and prepare for an exciting winter dining experience in the heart of the beautiful ByWard Market!

Italy vs. Ontario Tasting, Demo and Dinner - Whose wine and cuisine will reign supreme? Find out in this four-phase tasting experience! Phase 1: Kick off the evening with two sparkling wines, one from Niagara and one from the Veneto, along with canapés. Phase 2: Taste and judge three ingredients side by side — buffalo mozzarella from Niagara and from Campania; prosciutto from Niagara and Emilia-Romagna; and honey from Prince Edward County and Tuscany. Phase 3: Watch DiVino chefs in action, as they prepare recipes from Niagara and Tuscany. Phase 4: Sit back, relax and enjoy a flavourful three-course, wine-paired meal.

Walkabout Winter Feast With Savour Ottawa and Taste of Winterlude - Join Savour Ottawa and Taste of Winterlude for an evening of local, seasonal cuisine. Enjoy a five-course, wine-paired meal at some of Savour Ottawa’s finest restaurants. Your evening begins with a reception, and continues as your group strolls from restaurant to restaurant — with a sommelier as your guide — to taste and savour each pairing of food and wine. Bundle up, wear comfortable footwear and prepare for a delightful winter dining experience of local fare!

Texture and Transformation Dinner - Experience a one-of-a-kind dining experience where chef Marc Lepine and sommelier Steve Robinson take you on a dining adventure, featuring food and wine tastes and textures. Expect to try wine and food pairings that will be transformed to stretch your imagination and taste sensation. Includes a six-course tasting menu with wines to match.

“This Food, That Icewine” Tasting - Celebrate our Canadian winter with one of the great gifts from our cold climate — icewine! Join us for the ultimate indulgence: a tasting of eight late harvest wines and icewines, each paired perfectly with different dishes, ranging from savoury to sweet. With sommelier Stacey Metulynsky and ARC The.Hotel chef Jason Duffy as your hosts, learn about and taste the range of different styles of our luscious sweet wines, and discover just how versatile they can be with food.
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NCC ready to revamp Sussex

Ottawa area residents may soon be rid of the concrete barriers surrounding the US embassy as a part of a 7.7 million dollar upgrade of the street, which may include a separate bike lane.
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A look at Larry O'Brien's troubles

For those interested in Ottawa politics, a chronology of how charges came to be laid against Mayor Larry O'Brien.
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Call of duty: Nova Scotia MPs guide beaver to Ottawa River

Strange but true. Two Liberal MPs from Nova Scotia found a beaver on Sparks Street (one block from the Parliament buildings, for those who have never been to Ottawa) and guided it across Wellington (6 lanes of traffic), past the Parliament buildings and into the Ottawa River. 
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Transformer blaze cuts power to homes - Timmins Daily Press - Ontario, CA

Apparently the transformer fire that knocked out power to section of the city doesn't rate more than a short article in a community newspaper. It never showed up on the headlines of the Ottawa Citizen.

Edit: Photos uploaded

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Union vote for arbitration ends Ottawa transit strike

And with that, the strike is officially over. If you bought a bus pass for December, they will honour it through February. Also, all train and bus service will be free until the 15th of this month, and on weekends the entire month of February.
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Nortel to cut hundreds of jobs with WiMax unit

Several hundred jobs, mostly in Ottawa, are expected to be cut. Because Nortel is currently under bankruptcy protection, those employees who are let go will receive no severance pay or benefits.

Edit: After speaking with someone who has friends at Nortel, it turns out the "no severance package" is technically not correct, but is practically accurate. Employees let go now are offered the same monetary package as those let go before bankruptcy protection, but the employee has to get in line behind the secured creditors who get to pick over the bones first before they can see any money. Whatever is left of the company's liquidated assets is split among the unsecured creditors, such as those with the severance package, only after the secured creditors have been paid off. As a result, they MIGHT receive a PORTION of the severance package, but not for a year or more. They're only hope is that the company becomes profitable again (so that they can call in the package), or that there are sufficient assets remaining to cover their package (Nortel's current debt is $1 billion, but has $4 billion in assets).

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O-Train may roll again Feb. 2, buses Feb. 9: City of Ottawa

With the strike coming to an end, transit service is expected to be up sooner than expected. The O-Train will ready by Monday and up to 60% of the transit buses will be on the road by the following Monday. Full operation is expected within 10 weeks (just short of three months, making it the start of April).

It was interesting to watch the city's reaction the strike. At least once a week I had been offered a drive as I walked to work (I use the 30-minute walk as part of my daily exercise routine). And I've been impressed with the response time by the city to plowing the sidewalks I use every day. It will be interesting to see the effect on the number of bus users, and how long it takes to build back their original ridership numbers.

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reportonbusiness.com: Will Nortel still have the money to go to school?

Nortel, which provides more research funding than any other private company in Canada, plans to continue to provide funding to students. There is, however, a major question of what happens if Nortel is sold.
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Trading in Nortel shares halted

The CBC report states that they may be filing for bankruptcy protection today, $107 million(Can) in interest on bonds. The move would give them 30 days to find some way to pay off the debt.

Update: Nortel Networks files for bankruptcy protection

Export Development Canada has agreed to loan Nortel $30 million(Can) for the next 30 days, pending credit approval. Nortel executives state that after cutting staff to 25,000 from 100,000, staff cuts are no longer an option. It's believed by some that the next step is that Nortel will be whittled down as they sell of divisions.
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Exploding cat takes centre stage in gory Ottawa play

For those of you in Ottawa, Gladstone Theatre presents The Lieutenant of Inishmore, completely with 5 litres of fake blood and an exploding cat. No, I haven't seen the play.
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Ottawa transit strike still on as union members reject contract offer

75 percent of union members who voted rejected the city's offer, representing 64 percent of eligible union voters.
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Source: Industry Canada's showcase looking tawdry

OTTAWA — An ill-advised hiring binge during the dot-com boom has come back to haunt Industry Canada.

The department's showcase research labs on the outskirts of Ottawa are crumbling, partly because it hired too many staff during the good times and has since had to cut back drastically on maintenance to pay them, says a new audit.

The research centre, with 157 buildings spread over 600 hectares, is located at Shirley's Bay on the western edge of the capital, along the Ottawa River.

Dating back to 1952, the labs have produced some technical marvels, including Canada's first communications satellite Alouette I.

Industry Canada's Communications Research Centre, or CRC, which carries out cutting-edge research in wireless technology, is the largest tenant and remains site custodian. The Defence Department and Canadian Space Agency also operate key research facilities at Shirley's Bay.

But a new audit says a third of the buildings are in poor condition, and most of the mechanical and electrical systems are near the end of their life expectancy — partly because the centre has been dipping into its maintenance budget to pay staff.

Story continues behind the cut )

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