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CBC News - Ottawa - Carry-on baggage subject to strict new rules

In order to alleviate delays at security checkpoints, Canadian airline passengers are not permitted to bring carry-on baggage on board US-bound flights with the exception of medication, medical devices, small purses, cameras, coats, items for infant care, laptop computers, musical instruments, and diplomatic bags.
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CBC News - Ottawa - Candu reactor division to be sold

The Federal government announced on 17 December that it will be selling its CANDU reactor division, although it will retain ownership of the Chalk River Laboratories facility that generates medical isotopes.
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N.B. Power, Hydro-Quebec ink multi-million energy deal

This is old news (October 29), but I appear to have missed it at the time. Hydro Quebec has negotiated a $4.7 billion deal to take over the distribution, transmission and generation assets, with the exception of the coal-fired plants, from cash-strapped NB Power. The deal includes 7 hydroelectric stations and a nuclear facility. In return, residents and businesses willbe able to obtain electricity at a lower rate than they currently pay. The agreement will be signed in March 2010.
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CBC News - World - Flight delays expected after foiled attack

A 23-year-old British engineering student was arrested for attempting to detonate an explosive on an Amsterdam-to-Detroit flight.
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Best Man Rigs Newlyweds' Bed To Tweet During Sex. Not Kidding. - washingtonpost.com

With friends like these, they can become enemies pretty quickly. A man asked to be the best man at a friend's wedding technically kept to his word of not pulling any pranks before the ceremony by installing a pressure sensor under the couple's bed. When the activity level indicated that things of a more sexual nature were going on, the system sent a Twitter message of the following type:

They?re on the job! #2 ¿ Action commenced at 15.50GMT. Weight: 151KG.

When the action settled down, a second message like the following was sent:

They?re off the job! #2 ? Action concluded at 16.12GMT. Duration: 22 m.05 s. Frenzy Index: 4 (easy listening). Judge?s Comment: "Good work!"

Fortunately the messages are anonymous. Eventually the best man plans to tell his mate.
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ID Thief Tries to Get Witnesses Whacked - Security Watch

While under investigation for ID theft and other related crimes, Pavel Valkovich has plead guilty to one count of attempting to hire hitmen to kill the witnesses to his crimes; however, he has not yet plead guilty to an alleged second attempt to hire a hitman, this time to kill both the original targets and the person he had previously tried to hire to make a hit.As an interesting side not, the bank fraud would net him 30 years in prison but attempting to hire someone to commit murder is only worth 20 years.
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Gropenhagen Conference: Prostitutes Offer Free Climate Summit Sex - SPIEGEL ONLINE - News - International

As a side note to the Climate Conference, the mayor of Copenhagen has sent postcards to 160 hotels in the city urging guests and delegates to "Be sustainable - don't buy sex". In response, area prostitutes in the form of the Sex Workers Interest Group (SIO) are offering free sex to anyone producing one of the offending postcards and a COP15  identity card.
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NCC ready to revamp Sussex

Ottawa area residents may soon be rid of the concrete barriers surrounding the US embassy as a part of a 7.7 million dollar upgrade of the street, which may include a separate bike lane.
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CTV News | Canadian art experts find possible new da Vinci

Forensic art expert Peter Paul Biro of Montréal claims that a fingerprint on the "Profile of the Bella Principessa", recently purchased by Canadian-born art collector Peter Silverman for $19,000(US), matches a fingerprint from Leonardo da Vinci's "St. Jerome". The claim is backed up by carbon-dating that places it within the time period of da Vinci. If true, the painting could now be worth more than $150 million(US).

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First comprehensive geological Arctic map published

Canada has unveiled the first comprehensive Arctic atlas, detailing geological features that point to where oil and gas, gold and diamond deposits are likely hidden beneath snow and ice.
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A look at Larry O'Brien's troubles

For those interested in Ottawa politics, a chronology of how charges came to be laid against Mayor Larry O'Brien.
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Warren Ellis » Your Moment Of Swine Flu Zen

The BBC reports that Jakarta International Airport is using thermal imaging scanners to identify passengers that might have swine flu.

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Sickened puppies ate Ontario teen's marijuana stash

The moral: actions have consequences. Case in point, an 18-year-old boy decides to get rid of some marijuana-laced muffins he had left over from several house parties he'd had while his parents were away on vacation. For some reason, he decided that the local park was a good place to leave them. Enter 4 dogs who ate the discarded muffins and became sick, leading to a police investigation of suspected anti-freeze-laced muffins. The boy was caught and explained what had happened, the dogs eventually recovered, and the teen has agreed to personally apologize for his actions rather than face criminal charges.
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Mythbusters 'Big Bang' Shatters Windows - Local News Story - KCRA Sacramento

The residents of Esparto, CA had a close encounter with Mythbusters when an experiment outside the city involving 500 pounds of ammonium nitrate created a far larger explosion than expected. Large enough to shatter windows. The townsfolk took it in stride, and the Mythbusters crew immediately set about replacing the broken windows. The Esparto fire department had been on hand at the explosion but had decided not to warn townsfolk of the impending explosion to avoid having large number of gawkers arriving at the site.
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Egypt tries to hang up on killer SMS rumours - Yahoo! News UK

The Egyptian government is attempting to squash a rumour that people are being killed my an SMS message with a particular number sequence. Local press reported that a man died vomiting blood after receiving an SMS message starting with a + symbol and ending with the digits 111. The official health agency denies that such a case was ever reported to them.
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'Spider-Man' rescues autistic Thai boy from third-floor ledge - Telegraph

An autistic child, frightened by his first day at school, manages to get onto a third floor ledge and refused to come in. The boy's mother happened to mention that the boy loved superhero comics within earshot of one of the firefighters; in particular, one who had a spiderman costume back at the station to liven up school fire drills. He returned in costume and was able to talk the boy down.
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U.S. abortion, vasectomy rates rise as economy falters

An unexpected side effect of the current economy is that people are rethinking their ability to manage the expense of raising another child.
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Oops: Colbert wins space station name contest- msnbc.com

Colbert fans, at the urging of their favourite comedian, have won NASA's contest for what to name the next space station module, beating out the next favourite, "Serenity", by 40,000 votes. NASA reserves the right to refuse the winning name and will announce their decision in April.

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