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Inaugural Issue of Rejecta Mathematica Released | Rejecta Mathematica

Rejecta Mathematica is , to quote the website, "...an open access, online journal that publishes only papers that have been rejected from peer-reviewed journals in the mathematical sciences. In addition, every paper appearing in Rejecta Mathematica includes an open letter from its authors discussing the paper's original review process, disclosing any known flaws in the paper, and stating the case for the paper's value to the community." Their papers cover pure and applied mathematics, theoretical physics, and engineering.

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Do Elementary Particles Have Free Will?: Science Fiction in the News

Princeton mathematicians Conway and Kochen are working on a theorem to prove Free Will based on quantum uncertainty. The theory can be summarized, albeit poorly, as this: If an experimenter working with particle spin can make decisions independent of past events then the  particle can also make a free choice. This grows out of the observations that all particles have spin ("spin" axiom), that the spin can become entangled with that of other particles ("twin" axiom), but that the choice of spin cannot be communicated faster than the speed of light ("fin" axiom). The mathematicians plan to release a book later this year explaining their theory in detail. Meanwhile, people in the Princeton area can go see the lecture series (it started on March 23 and runs to April 27).
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Source: National Post
A story from Rick Mercer's blog. Although not a tech story, it is rather interesting. A Calgary woman is demanding recompense for being told by two different bus drivers that her perfume was too strong. In the first instance, the bus drive eventually refused to let her board, claiming that her perfume aggravated his allergies. The second time a different bus drive announced that he was opening the windows because someone one the bus was wearing strong perfume. She assumed it was her, although the bus drive never said anything directly to her. Having been driven out of places by strong perfumes, I'm interested in seeing how this turns out.

Source: Ananova
Another story from Rick Mercer's blog. Apparently men who share a bed get poor sleep, resulting in impaired mental ability the next day. Women were found to be generally unaffected because they tended to sleep more deeply than the men. Take note that the study used young unmarried couples so the results may not apply to long-term married couples. We hope.

Source: CNN
A last one from Rick Mercer's blog. A British study has ranked tobacco and cigarettes more dangerous than many illegal drugs in terms of "...the physical harm to the user, the drug's potential for addiction, and the impact on society of drug use." Even if the findings are refuted, the researchers hope that the study will be an impetus to reexamine Britain's drug classification system and, perhaps, a move to a system based on more on evidence.

Source: Improbable Research
Differential equations allow you to do a lot of things, even... calculate the value of prostitution. Specifically, they found partial differential equations served as the best model for calculating the value of prostitution in an economy. For those interested in reading the report (I haven't yet), it can be found at http://www.child-centre.it/papers/child16_2005.pdf in PDF format.

Source: Space.com
A Chilean Airbus en route to New Zealand had a close encounter of the flaming kind. The pilot reported seeing flaming debris falling approximately 8 kilometres away from the plane along it's planned route. This might seem like a long distance, but at the speed of an Airbus, the distance is covered in less than one minute. The debris was discovered to be an empty Russian resupply ship released from the International Space Station and had been expected to descend through that area 12 hours later, at which time planes would not be in danger.

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