Oct. 18th, 2009

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IEEE Spectrum: Sensor Nation, UK Style

An organization referring to themselves as Internet Eyes has proposed a plan in which ordinary citizens monitor random video feeds from the more than 4.2 million closed-circuit cameras monitoring London and sound an alarm when they notice something that requires police intervention. The owner of the camera then rates the result of the alert and at the end of each month the alert with the highest scoring will receive 1000 pounds. In the case of ties, the money would be distributed among the winners. Viewers would be able to register for free but, to prevent abuse, can only trigger 3 alerts for free, after which they have to pay for additional alerts.
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CTV News | Canadian art experts find possible new da Vinci

Forensic art expert Peter Paul Biro of Montréal claims that a fingerprint on the "Profile of the Bella Principessa", recently purchased by Canadian-born art collector Peter Silverman for $19,000(US), matches a fingerprint from Leonardo da Vinci's "St. Jerome". The claim is backed up by carbon-dating that places it within the time period of da Vinci. If true, the painting could now be worth more than $150 million(US).

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CBC News - Montreal - Testosterone drives men to buy fast cars

A recent study by Concordia University researchers has determined that after one hour of driving a Porsche 911, the testosterone levels of young men were elevated but after one hour driving a Toyota Camry their testosterone levels remained low. The results seemed to be independent of whether the driver was on a street where he knew he would be seen by women. According to study lead Gad Saad, the results indicate that the response shows that the car is a type of "sexual signal" similar to that displayed by wild animals

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Geeks are Sexy | Stormtroopers’ 9/11

GaS presents College Humor's interesting take what the destruction of the Deathstar meant to the average stormtrooper.

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