Jul. 18th, 2009

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Epic Fireworks Fail!

NSFW due to language and extreme stupidity.

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Galileo's notebooks may reveal secrets of new planet

A recent study of Galileo's notebooks indicates that he discovered the planet we now know to be Neptune in 1613, more than 234 years before its official discovery. The notebooks don"t state directly that he knew it was a planet, but was included records of multiple observations of a "star" near Jupiter, which he was studying at the time. It is possible that he recognized it as a planet, but he was in the habit of announcing his discoveries as anagrams sent to his colleagues. A copy of the possible and as-yet-undecoded anagram may still be in his notes.

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I *WILL* haz cheezburger

A recent study involving 50 volunteers and the recorded sounds of 10 cats revealed that, when hungry, cats modify their purr to include sound frequencies similar to the frequency of a crying human baby. This appears to have the result of humans, even those who don't own cats, feeling obliged to respond to them. They theorized that either the harmonic triggers the human parental instincts, or is so urgent and unpleasant that humans strive to do what they can to make it stop.
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Is now up, but is a work in progress. I still have to add things like a biography, id, etc.


Edit: Appears to be password-locked and I haven't seen a way to make it publicly accessible. It is possible that it was originally designed that way, but more work is needed to find this out.

Edit 2: Fixed, I just had to remove the password.

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