Mar. 14th, 2009

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Transformer blaze cuts power to homes - Timmins Daily Press - Ontario, CA

Apparently the transformer fire that knocked out power to section of the city doesn't rate more than a short article in a community newspaper. It never showed up on the headlines of the Ottawa Citizen.

Edit: Photos uploaded

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After Watchmen - Suvudu - Science Fiction and Fantasy Books, Movies, and Games

If you're unsure what to read after Watchmen (probably not. If you're like me you have a stack of unread stuff) DC wants to help. They've compiled a list of what they consider to be graphics novels and comics that you should read. The list includes Fables, Transmetropolitan (in fact, most of Warren Ellis's non-mainstream work), and many others.

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Happy 3/14, also known as pi day : Scientific American Blog

Also:Four thousand years of math, why can’t we count?

According to Bob MacDonald of Quirks and Quarks: "this Saturday at 1:59 pm, (that’s the 3rd month, 14th day, hour 1, 59 seconds- in other words, 3.14159) math enthusiasts will be eating pie, wearing t-shirts emblazoned with the Greek symbol and celebrating the power of numbers."

Or making LJ posts.
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The Day the Sun Brought Darkness (w/Video)

Yesterday was the 10th anniversary of the Quebec Blackout. And a thought for the back of your mind: solar cycles are 11 years long.

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