Jan. 28th, 2009

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Workers urged: Go home and multiply - CNN.com

Japan's birthrate is 1.34 so Canon has taken the unprecedented step of urging its employees in that country, who typically work 12 hour days, to go home early at least twice a week to devote time to making more babies.
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Truck-mounted laser shoots down spy drone - tech - 27 January 2009 - New Scientist

The US military has demonstrated a truck-mounted laser system, the Laser Avenger, that is capable of taking down a small UAV, such as is becoming commonly used for surveillance.

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From unworthy back to worthy, in just one day - Las Vegas Sun

The Celtic rock group Killian's Angels produced some music that was used in Grand Theft Auto IV, but was the only contributor not to have a Wikipedia entry. Someone decided to correct this oversight by creating a Wikipedia entry, but it was deleted because, according to one online editor, the band lacked notability (that is, no references in popular media). This prompted a newspaper article about the band's plight, which made the band notable, earning it a Wikipedia entry about how it didn't have a Wikipedia entry. Apparently this is not the first time this has happened.
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Ice cream causes positive alcohol test - UPI.com

An Australian man with a court-mandated breath test lock on his car was unable to start the vehicle after eating Bubble O'Bill ice cream. The man complained to police who then tested his claim. Before the ice cream: 0.00 reading. After the ice cream: 0.018 reading. The breath test lock was removed from his car and a statement was issued requesting anyone using a breathalyzer wait at least 15 minutes after eating before taking a breath test.

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New Law Will Require Camera Phones to 'Click'

A law is being considered in the US requiring all mobile phones that contain cameras (Read: most of them) to make a sound when a picture is being taken. The user would be prohibited from using any means to disable or silence the tone. It's unclear how older mobile phones, in which the noise can be disabled, would be handled.

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Obama coming to Ottawa on Feb. 19

Guess who's coming to dinner? Seriously, Canadians, at least those in Ottawa, will get a chance to see the President of the United States, albeit from a distance.

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