Jan. 14th, 2009

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Trading in Nortel shares halted

The CBC report states that they may be filing for bankruptcy protection today, $107 million(Can) in interest on bonds. The move would give them 30 days to find some way to pay off the debt.

Update: Nortel Networks files for bankruptcy protection

Export Development Canada has agreed to loan Nortel $30 million(Can) for the next 30 days, pending credit approval. Nortel executives state that after cutting staff to 25,000 from 100,000, staff cuts are no longer an option. It's believed by some that the next step is that Nortel will be whittled down as they sell of divisions.
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People Who Drink 7 Cups Of Coffee Per Day Have 3X Greater Chance Of Hallucinations - Study

A Durham University study reports that people who drink 7 or more cups of coffee each day are 3 times as likely to report auditory hallucinations (specifically, hearing a person's voice when nobody is there) than those who drank the equivalent of 1 cup of instant coffee per day, at least among the 200 students involved in the study. By comparison, 3 percent of the population are estimated to regularly experience auditory hallucinations.
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Power from balloons isn't a load of hot air - 14 January 2009 - New Scientist
An Australian environmental consultant has proposed generating energy from an engine powered by a balloon. The balloon is filled with hot air captured by a greenhouse. The balloon pulls a tether that generates electricity. When the balloon hits 3 kilometers, a vent opens to release some air, reducing the balloon's buoyancy.  The system has been described as a "... huge two-stroke engine, with a capacity of 45 million litres, a stroke of 3 kilometres, and a frequency of one revolution per hour..." according to the inventor. The process would generate about 50 kilowatts, enough to power 10 homes, using a 44-meter-diameter balloon, or 500 kilowatts using an 88-meter-diameter balloon.
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Hunters Speeding Up Evolution of Trophy Prey?

A collaborative study between the University of California and the University of Victoria (Canada) suggests that organisms, both plant and animal, hunted by humans are evolving more quickly than those that are not hunted.
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BBC NEWS | Science & Environment | 'English Galileo' maps on display

Englishman Thomas Harriot, according to recently-discovered records, was the first person to view the moon through a telescope, beating Galileo to the punch by several months. Shown here is one of his drawings of the moon which, according to experts, marked the birth of modern cartography.

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