Jan. 8th, 2009

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UPDATE PLUS VIDEO FOOTAGE: Tentacle UFO spotted night before carnage at Conisholme wind farm - Louth Leader

A 20-meter blade fell off a wind turbine in Conisholme, UK, which itself is odd but not unheard of. Residents, though, claim that a UFO sporting tentacles is to blame. The link also features video footage of what happens to a wind turbine when the braking mechanism breaks down.

See also: BBC - UFO Claim over Lincolnshire wind farm damage.

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globeandmail.com: Woman sues Google over blogger's comments

Liskula Cohen, a 36-year-old Canadian fashion model is suing Google for the name of the blogger that called her "skanky". Google, however, does not host the blog cite, just re-publishes it. It does, however, own the parent company of Blogger, which is the site that hosted the offending article.
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BBC NEWS | Health | Brain-cooling devices developed

During a heart attack or stroke, nerve cells release a flood of chemicals that cause further damage. British researchers have discovered that the damage can be limited by reducing the temperature of the brain by about 4C. To this end, they have developed several experimental approaches to cool the brain of patients without effecting core body temperature. They have also determined that cooling must take place as soon as possible after a heart attack or stroke to maximize the benefit from the approach, and that the approach does not deal with brain damage that may be linked directly to the stroke.
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Wired News - The Polaroid camera is back, in digital

Polaroid, once THE name in instant photography, has resurfaced after declaring bankruptcy to release the $200 PoGo, a low-resolution digital camera that lets you print the images (up to 20 at a time) immediately after shooting them. Photos are captured using a 5-megapixel sensor and can be previewed on an LCD screen before deciding not only whether or not to print, but how many copies to print. Photos are printed on Polaroid-proprietary 2x3 inch thermal paper that requires about a minute to develop. The camera also accepts SD cards so can be used to print photos taken by other cameras.
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Snow-shovelling brings on heart attacks for 4 Ottawa men in 1 day

During yesterday's snowfall that dropped 15 centimetres on the city, four men, three within the space of 1.5 hours, were rushed to hospital after suffering heart attacks while shovelling snow.
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Canadian English Dictionary :: Firefox Add-ons

Those of you in Canada who use Firefox can now add the Canadian English Dictionary to their spell-check.

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